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More for your pet

Additional Services

We offer a range of optional services to cater for every budget.

Dogs – Pool

Dog Swimming

Dogs can take a 10-minute swim in our specially designed doggy pool. Full supervision is always provided, and buoyancy vests are available if required or if you aren’t sure they can swim. This is a favourite and a great way to beat the North Queensland heat! We’ll take some photos as well to show you how much fun they are having.

Each swim is $10.

Dogs – Agility

Our staff can give your dog a 10 minute run through our adaptable Agility course in our private run area. Hurdles, slalom, the big pipe, and tyre obstacles are all placed for maximum enjoyment. We cater for all abilities, even if they haven’t tried it before. And of course, we’ll take some photos!

Each Agility run is $10

Dogs – Walk

We have built our own nature walk securely within the perimeter of our property. Our staff will take our canine guests for a wander in this large secure area.

Each walk is $10

Dogs – Treat and Seek

We hide treats in a large secure area, your dog tracks them down and eats them. One of the canine favourites!

Each Treat and Seek is $12

Dogs – Extra Playtime

Treat your best friend to a one on one playtime with one of our great team members. A must for the active or social dog. They’ll love it, we’ll take some photos!

Each play is $10.

Cats – Extra Playtime

An extra 10 minutes to explore the cattery.

Each session is $5.


We will pamper your loved one! A daily brush, a nail trim and a bath on departure. Your pet will return looking and feeling fantastic after a stay at All For Paws Pet Retreat.

All dogs staying seven or more days receive a complimentary bath on departure.

Daily brush: $2.50 per day.
Nail trim: $15.
Bath: $15.

Pickup / Drop-off Service

We can pick up and return your fur baby for a modest fee. Prior arrangement is necessary for this service.

Please enquire for price.