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Cats - Standard Enclosure

All our rooms are large walk in style enclosures with a couple of ledges, a scratch post and a nook for hiding. Our standard rooms are double storied 2m x 1m x 1.5m enclosures with full divider walls to prevent intimidation from neighbouring cats. We have some more private low light enclosures available for the more timid cats. Our Deluxe enclosures are large double sized enclosures featuring an open air section with hammocks and cat grass overlooking the deck area. We also have one standard and one Deluxe Jungle room which has additional ledges, ladders and nets for climbing and playing.

Here at All For Paws Pet Retreat hygiene and health is of utmost importance and we clean with veterinary grade disinfectants and have strict health and hygiene protocols. For this reason we don’t have any carpet in the enclosures and the inside enclosures all have a solid wall divider between them. Current F3 vaccination is essential as are flea and worming treatments.

All our cats are invited to roam individually in the central play area daily whilst their room is serviced. During this time they have one on one attention with our staff and can play on the larger play area. We also have music audible in the cattery.

Our cattery is cooled with ‘Cool-a-Roof’ reflective roof paint which assists us in keeping an optimal temperature for our guests. We minimise the use air conditioners as, like humans, cats are susceptible to airborne pollutants / allergens and illnesses with the use of air-conditioning.

Our facilities have been purpose built for North Queensland, we are cyclone rated and secure, and have a documented evacuation plan should the need ever arise.

We also offer a range of extras that enable you to tailor the package to exactly what you want. Extras include additional playtime and more.